Wednesday, October 22, 2008

creative progress

Here's all the things that I pretend to be working on at any given time:

  • Edits to the revision of Primetime Adventures. That's on hold until my editor has room in his schedule. Same with the art. In both cases, it looks like that'll pick up at the end of October.

  • Galactic. Yeah, it's still around. Doyce Testerman is editing it. Here's the cool thing: to edit it effectively, he decided to play it some more and see how his group responds to stuff. I remember liking that game. It'd be cool to see it finished.

  • Music. I might have an actual composition job lined up. I've only just started with that. Several other miscellaneous tracks in various states of completion.

  • Writing. I have this novel that's off and on. Been thinking about getting a laptop other than the eee pc so I can write anywhere. The eee is just too small for me. It's a typo every other word.

  • Other games. Just notes right now. I'm less interested in the micro premise games than I am in big setting premise games like TSOY. More about that in a follow up.

1 comment:

Doyce said...

Totally excited to have the Galactic project spinning up again!